It’s 03:42am in the French Ski resort of L’Alpe D’huez and a young English girl is receiving medical treatment on the side of an icy road after a drunken stumble. But this isn’t the French Pompier that are administrating this medical treatment. The young lady is receiving medical assistance from a privately sourced medic. This is the new trend followed by private companies who are now hiring privately sourced security operators to follow their customers during evening drinking festivities within prestigious Alpine mountain resorts. These private security operators are providing medical, logistical and security services where local police/medical support services are often few and limited. 

We ensure your tour goes on safely whilst protecting not only your customers but also your brand. With ski resorts and their local authorities trying to cut down on anti-social behaviour, French law enforcers now issue large fines to companies who bring groups that misbehave while on holiday. “ Anthony Webb Director 13Noir Protection.

This is a unique service that is highly welcomed by local mountain town communities during busy tourism periods. The cultural issues that may arise from local law enforcement/authorities dealing with foreign tourists is negated by the fact that 13Noir directly employs operators from the UK, Sweden and France. 

This is the 13Noir ‘Resort support Service’ a unique new service that comprises of specialist teams despatched around European Ski resorts during high profile events and busy tourist movements. 13Noir typically fields small teams that comprises of highly trained operatives who specialise in First-Aid and Protection Services. 

The Resort Support Service has never been more crucial since the Ski resort of Val d’Isere has recently mourned the death of a young British man who passed away on a recent ski trip in France. 


In the early hours of the 6th January 2015 an 18 year old man by the name of Kieron Flux wondered off and was found the following day dead in a steep and isolated spot in the Gorges de la Daille, between the La Daille area of the resort and the Chevril lake. This death truly highlighted the dangers that come with the drinking nightlife within an isolated ski resort where temperatures often plummet to -15°C within the high altitude glacial alpine locations. 

The extreme temperatures, high altitude and limited local support services have often proven to be fatal for many tourists who have visited the Alps over the previous decade. 13Noir’s Resort Support Service strives to protect the modern snow seeking tourist during their trip while allowing large travel companies peace of mind that their clientele are in capable hands at all times. 

13Noir invites professionals to visit their website at to enrol in their recruitment process. This begins with registering online where potential candidates will be individually assessed based on previous experience and qualifications. Successful applicants will then be invited to a training day where they must prove themselves worthy through intense interviews and fitness tests. Upon completion of 13Noir’s training day the successful operator will be approved for future tasks and sent to locations like the French Alps on operations such as the Resort Support Service. This ensures 13Noir can provide highly trained personnel who are capable of adapting and solving the many problems that may arise during a Alpine ski holiday.

As well as Resort Support Services, 13Noir provides security operators at numerous prestigious venues across the French Alps including the famous Dicksteabar, the Saloon Group and La Folie Douce. Thousands of tourists frequent these establishments weekly and offer notable challenges that are unique to the Alpine environment. This includes dealing with the vast diversity of clientele who arrive from all over the world who come together to enjoy the Alpine nightlife. Thus these establishments require a particular diplomatic approach to face the inevitable problems that arise from the multinational drinking culture. As a result, 13Noir has adopted a stringent recruitment criteria in selecting individuals who are strong in character and capable of adapting to the broad spectrum of security issues that may arise during anytime. 

13Noir’s venue security operatives find themselves spread around the French mountain town of Val d’Isere while continuously in communication with each other over their established communications network. “Our guys are capable of relaying important real-time information across town to our client’s venues using our town radio system. This allows our security teams to respond to any number of incidents with swiftness and efficiency.” John Fee, 13Noir Operations Manager

As the snow begins to melt during the early spring months, 13Noir’s operations team are already preparing for the summer months ahead where they will descend upon the French Rivera for the upcoming Festival de Cannes and the world famous Monaco Grand Prix. The vast challenges of below freezing temperatures and high altitude drinking are soon to be replaced with red carpets and paparazzi as the teams now assume a Close Protection role. 13Noir Protection continuously strives to offer tailor made packages for security issues within modern Ski Resorts and the French Rivera including Close Protection, Chauffeur services and residential security. Please visit to find out more.

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