"Champagne was sprayed from tables shaking under the weight of boot-stomping skiers, a mist had rolled in, and La Folie Douce was now dancing above the clouds. 

La Folie, an Alpine bar chain that throws an almighty party throughout the season with a jubilant mix of DJs, dancers and smoking flares, had even more to celebrate last week, with Snowboxx in town." - telegraph.co.uk

With 2900 people pouring into the Alps for Snowboxx, this was the festival’s first year in Alpe d’Huez, a resort that benefits from reliable snow in late season thanks to its glacier at 3,330m.

13Noir has the pleasure of securing not only the festival site but the town of Alpe d'Huez its self. With 30 of the best of British and French operatives, 13Noir deployed its full management team and set up a temporary operations office in the centre of town.

On Friday 20th March, 13Noir teams came via coach and vehicles from the UK and surrounding ski resorts. utilizing the best of British engineering, Charlie team arrived driving through the night in a glorious branded red Land Rover Defender, while Alpha teams French older but superb counterpart came from Val D'isere. With a combined total usage of 4500km over the week, even the management team did not anticipate how much these vehicles would be used over the fourth coming days.

Kitted up and briefed Saturday arrived, as did the great hoards of tourists arriving to start their party. 13Noir Resort support teams consisting of three vehicle teams each with a Medic started their patrols of ADH. With last minute changes to logistics it became a very dynamic evening with teams going out of their way to assist Snowboxx customers. 

Mainstage Travel and NUCO the core management team of Snowboxx were exhausted by the end of the night but still continued to provided excellent customer service and logistical support for arrivals.

As the week started the usual noise complaints and medical issues were responded to in record time and all local residences were very happy. The usual local security teams were not brought in as extras and for Resort management this was very much seen as a win.  In the proceeding debriefs this was emphasised and the team praised.

As each night fell, different problems aroused, each requiring a different solution, but as one problems presented it self, another was resolved. 

Stationed outside a local nightclub, Alpha team had the most deployments breaking up multiple issues on the strip, but nothing that could not be resolved by an English accent calming the situations. Local law enforcement gave excellent feedback. 

One of the two main events on the Tabule terrace took place on Tuesday. What a turn out! A fantastic atmosphere with very friendly customers. Everything was running very smooth, from the 13Noir Search Gates at the entrance to the stage area secured by the pit team. it was at 2200 that a minor problem occurred!

"So great was the enthusiasm for 2manydjs on Tuesday night, that the decking in front of the main stage sank into the ground." - Telegraph.co.uk

With the floor becoming unstable, 13Noir brought in its Resort teams from town to assist the already 15 strong  event team. With the weak floor area secured event management became concerned about the lively nature of the rest of the dance floor, and the serious movement. Non of the customers seemed to care about the "Fun" bouncing nature of the floor! If anything it added to the atmosphere! Sadly after two hours of holding the fort, the show was pulled 30minutes early for safety reasons, but what a show it was. The safety team really pulled together to ensure no one was seriously hurt and assist in the evacuation. 

"This meant that Jungle, the headliners, were moved to a car park for their Thursday night performance. Still, it was a car park in the Alps, as the band’s extravagantly-caped keyboardist noted."

After Mountain parties, and drum and bass apres events, and the final main event on Thursday night, all 13Noir Operatives performed outstandingly. The dynamic nature of running not only the events but the resort safety required strict communications and a disciplined team.

As the early hours of Saturday arrived, 0600 stand down was called. An  exhausted but smiling team returned to the ops room for a final debrief and team photo. Excellent feedback from the team,client and local stakeholders. All in all a, very successful week. Rob Tominey, Snowboxx manager posted on twitter:

Rob Tominey ‏@robtominey  Mar 23@13NoirProtect are hands down the most efficient team I have ever come across. Absolute heroes."

13Noir Protection would like to thank all those that made this deployment successful, from Logistics to operations, many thanks.

13Noir Operations