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Since 2012 13Noir Protection have deployed globally offering unrivalled protection services. Managing and mitigating risks through proven assessments and procedures are paramount to their service. Contact 13Noir Protection to discuss your requirements today.

protective services


close protection

13Noir Protection's Close Protection services. Utilising their experienced and diverse range of operatives they can provide protective services which are tailored to meet your needs. From blue chip corporate personnel and private families to high profile and media production clients, their portfolio proves you can be sure the bespoke nature of their planning and operations will keep you and your assets safe.


Residential Security

Peace of mind at home.  Safeguarding your interests at residential sites, operatives are Close Protection trained and are discreet to your requirements. Protecting property whether you are on away holiday or at home full time, 13Noir Protection looks after you or your client's family interests.


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Ski Bodyguard

Their unique Ski Bodyguards from the Alpine Support teams offer security and safety on the most extreme winter environments.  With extensive knowledge of the French and Andorran ski resorts, 13Noir Protection operators ski to high levels and are medically trained.


travel risk management

13Noir Protection provide Country and Regional Threat and Risk assessments. They consult with you to ensure that any overseas trips you or your staff members embark on are as safe and secure as possible. They can arrange the logistics of global travel for you through their trusted international network.  In addition to this they can provide a training package to highlight the dangers of international travel and to instil third party and danger awareness to travellers. Contact them now to discuss your travel security requirements.



Asset Protection

Securing your assets is a vital part of your protective needs. This can be high value items to important documents as well as other physical property. 13Noir Protection ensure the transit or storage of your's or clients possessions remain in trusted hands.



Their drivers will get you to your destination safely and on time.  Your chauffeur is trained to react to the ever changing threats and all weather situations. Previous deployments include foreign embassy work and royal clients. Wide range of vehicles available from executive saloons to B6 armoured 4x4's.