13noir group divisions

13Noir Group consisting of its five divisions, caters for a wide range of clients and environments. See more information on each division and their services.


13Noir Protection provide Personal, Residential and Asset Protection services. Utilising their experienced and diverse operatives they can provide protective services which are tailored to meet your needs. From blue chip corporate personnel and private families to high profile and media production clients, their portfolio proves you can be sure the bespoke nature of their planning and operations will keep you and your assets secure.



In today’s environment, event security is a compulsory factor to be considered when organising any event. Regardless of the scale or complexity of your production, event or occasion, 13Noir Event Safety will strategically plan and manage your event security, event stewarding or crowd management operations in accordance with your individual requirements.

London to the Cotswold's, from the Alps to Cannes, you can have peace of mind knowing the safety and security aspect of your event is watertight. Each client receives their own Event manager to aid planning and liaise with local authorities prior to the event, making your event planning stage as smooth as possible.


Years of experience in European ski resorts has enabled them to be the market leader in Alpine Support. From Ski Bodyguards to their Resort Support Service they provide International teams to assist you and your Alpine Risk Management requirements. International tour operators, media productions, event companies and private families have utilised their support service for the last 8 years.  They ensure your holiday, tour or production completes safely whilst protecting not only your assets but your brand as well. They liaise with authorities and local security assets, and assist with any issues that may arise.

With their connections and reputation extending throughout the Alps, they can provide a bespoke service no other can match.  All operatives are friendly, approachable and trained in Alpine specific Risk Management.


13Noir Medical provides support to events, close protection teams and venues. Offering Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians and First Responders and equipment for all your Event Medical needs.

From mobile grab bags for close protection teams to full event field hospitals up to 5000 people, 13Noir Medical teams are fully qualified, insured and equipped.


13Noir Special Operations Division develops bespoke programs designed to offer comprehensive risk and security solutions, catering to clients’ extraordinary requirements.  

13Noir Special Operations Officers originate from the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit (CPU), UK & French Special Forces, and National Intelligence Agencies. Capability is flexible and applicable to both urban and rural locations throughout the UK, Europe and Africa.