13Noir Special Operations Division develops bespoke programs designed to offer comprehensive risk and security solutions, catering to clients’ extraordinary requirements. 13Noir Special Operations Officers originate from the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit (CPU), UK & French Special Forces, and National Intelligence Agencies. Capability is flexible and applicable to both urban and rural locations throughout the UK, Europe and Africa.

"Nothing is more dangerous than a friend without discretion; even a prudent enemy is preferable." 

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

special operation services 


We provide sophisticated surveillance teams, employing only experienced operators with the highest skills set from Government and Military Intelligence Services who deploy covert Surveillance equipment to gather intelligence for a range of purposes and investigations for private, commercial and corporate clients in both rural and urban locations with discretion being one of our key principles.  Our teams consist of a diverse range of people with the profiles and experience required to infiltrate and blend in to a multitude of situations in order to gain intelligence you require.


Counter Surveillance

We use ex Government Intelligence Specialists who are all trained in Counter Surveillance methods not available commercially,  Our techniques are designed to draw out and detect any hostile surveillance against your organisation or employeesThis is a highly specialized service that we offer primarily corporate clients securing confidential information, stalking and harassment victims or affluent families seeking privacy.


Security Audits and Penetration Testing

We can review your existing security measures to identify any weaknesses and create a range of measures tailored to your company to strengthen your security arrangement. Ranging from a security audit to penetration testing or a multi pronged simulated attack to test your current protocols and procedures. We are able to offer Corporate threat and vulnerability assessments, corporate relocation support, security analysis, strategy, and restructuring advice.  A complete vulnerability analysis report will be submitted on review of the task.


Surveillance Awareness Training

Many Companies are at threat from corporate espionage resulting in a competitor trying to exploit vulnerabilities through surveillance of both staff and working practices. We can put together a bespoke awareness package for all members of staff to reduce the likelihood of them falling prey to hostile surveillance and to increase their awareness of third party methods of surveillance.   


Overseas Threat and Risk assessments/Journey Travel Management plans

We can provide Country and Regional Threat and Risk assessments and consult with you to ensure that any overseas trips your staff members embark on are as safe and secure as possible, arrange the logistics of international travel for you through our trusted international network.  In addition to this we can provide a training package to highlight the dangers of international travel and to instil third party and danger awareness to travellers. Contact us now to discuss your travel security requirements.



To discuss your security requirements with a member of the Special Operations Team, please click the link below, quoting SOT in the subject. All information is gained and held in the highest discretion.